December 27, 2017 – Los Angeles, CA.

Come inside the mind-bending Museum of Illusions at its grand opening on January 1, 2018 in Los Angeles!

Prepare to immerse yourself in an array of stunning optical illusions as you create memorable photographs with your imagination! Packed with wall-paintings, maquettes, and pictures created by Los Angeles’ best 3D-artists and propmen, the Museum of Illusions is a photographic wonderland for the young and the young-at-heart.

Prepare to become part of the pictorial exhibits as you’re immersed in the spectacular optical illusions settings. If you’re daring enough, you may find yourself scaling rocky abysses or whizzing over towering skyscrapers. The more tame visitors can create memorable photographs complete with ice cream fantasies, ghost hunts, and even centaur fights (safely, of course)! These are only a few of the great exhibits that you can become part of during your visit.
Trust us – you will not be a passive observer at the Museum of Illusions.

The interactive nature of the exhibits will turn you into a full-fledged participant as you take avant-garde pictures where you are the main focus! Prepare to be wowed and be the envy of your friends as you share your experience at the Museum of Illusions through pictures. We guarantee you will not be bored as your partake in these mind-bending exhibits!
The Museum of Illusions is open to visitors of all ages.

Pre-sale tickets for only $15 right now until January 8, 2018!
Regular admission after the pre-sale date is $25 online and at the door – free admission for children under 5.

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