A new way to start the New Year – by taking pictures with art. This is not a regular museum where art is displayed in pretty frames and security wires. It’s over 30 pieces of art, painted on walls, up to the ceilings and expanded on the floors. This is an interactive exhibit that will turn you into a full-fledged participant as you take avant-garde pictures where you become the work of art.



The museum is located on Hollywood Blvd, formerly the Fredrick’s of Hollywood store which closed in 2015. It is a few blocks from the Chinese Mann Theater and across the street from the Scientology building. The museum is visible on Hollywood Blvd., with a large neon sign above their door and wall glass windows where you can take a quick peek from the outside.

Tonight’s Grand Opening Party is the official opening of the museum. Hosted by Average Socialite who invited special guests, celebrities, and Press/Media. The museum was closed to the public at 5pm. Artists of the illusion paintings were present, Artist Ivan Fans created “graffiti word” art for guests, photo booth / “Purple Carpet”, food and drinks, music orchestrated by a DJ, a special live performance by Cooper Phillip who sang popular songs and her original single “Party by Myself”, and a Swag Bag filled with goodies.



Guests were allowed to stay until midnight to explore and experience the museum. If you love photography and have an avid imagination, you can place your friend in creative poses so your photos can become alive. Bring a companion or two because its definitely more interesting then taking a selfie by yourself.



The museum has 2 floors of colorful and creative art. The paintings were created with an illusion/3D flair, but what makes them works of art is how people pose in them. The average time that people can spend on each art piece is probably around 10-15 minutes, depending on how many photos are being taken. This is a very interactive museum, just standing there passively will not make an interesting photo. My advice is to have fun and be silly so that you can produce amazing photos. The museum is open to all ages.



Guests enjoyed themselves throughout the evening and created lasting memories.

Click HERE to see the complete photo album of this event.


Gali’s Special Occasion Catering – (818) 282-2548

Cakes by Anna – (818) 747-5767
Eat Print Me – provided VIP with personalized macaroons

Last Call Bar Catering – LastCallBarCatering@gmail.com

Buzzbox – provided a variety of premium cocktails from their adult juice boxes

Dmitry Khmelevskiy – LA Bandaru 

Swag Bag
Average Socialite Postcard
Museum of Illusions Pen
Le Mieux – Skin care products 
NC LA – Nail care products shopncla.com
Cakes by Anna Postcard – (818) 747-5767
Express Document Solutions Postcard -printed the flyers and the brand wall 
Artist and Craftsman Supply LA – gifted mini canvases and paint
Mini chocolate pieces


Ashlyn Pearce (actress; The Bold and the Beautiful) 
Ash Minor (singer; The Four on FOX) 
Brandon Stewart (singer and producer) 
Candy Washington (actress) 
Christine Lakin (actress) 
Christopher “CJ” Wallace Jr. (actor and rapper)
Cooper Phillip (singer) 











Edward Walson (broadway and film producer)
Isaac J. Sullivan (actor and model)
Jeremy Maguire (actor; Modern Family) 
Jesse McCartney (singer/songwriter) 
Jonathan Sadowski (actor; Young & Hungry) 
Lex Lu (singer; The Four on FOX)
Tyra Myricks (fashion designer)


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PhotoJournalist: Jesse M. Watrous
Journalist: Jesse M. Watrous
Copy Editor: Sam Moszkowicz