Date: November 20, 2017

Long awaited news of Charles Manson’s death has finally arrived.

Name: Charles Milles Manson (born Charles Milles Maddox)
Birth Date: November 12, 1934
Death Date: November 19, 2017

Manson is an American criminal and cult leader who formed a community of followers which what became known as the Manson Family in the late 1960s. Manson’s followers committed nine murders at four locations in July and August 1969.

In 1971, he was found guilty of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder, including actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time. Manson was also convicted of first-degree murder for two other deaths.

Manson was originally sentenced to death, but his sentence was commuted to life with the possibility of parole after California invalidated the state’s death penalty statute in 1972. His parole was denied 12 times and lived his life sentence in California State Prison in Corcoran and died of natural causes at age 83 on November 19, 2017.

“Manson believed in what he called “Helter Skelter”, a term he took from the Beatles’ song of the same name to describe an impending apocalyptic race war. He believed the murders would help precipitate that war. From the beginning of his notoriety, a pop culture arose around him in which he ultimately became an emblem of insanity, violence and the macabre.”
Source: Wikipedia

Social Media has mistaken him for Marilyn Manson, they are NOT the same!

PHOTO: Peter Kramer/Getty Images